Which program suits me best?

The most suitable program depends on your experience, visa, English level, length of stay and personal preferences. We offer full time au pair, part time au pair and demi pair with language school.

Can I apply for the program without having any experience in childcare

Yes – If you don’t have sufficient experience you can apply for the demi pair or part time programs.

Do I need a visa

The full time program requires a Working Holiday visa. You can apply for the demi pair program with a Student Visa. Apply for your visa here: WHV / Student Visa

Will my preferred location be guranteed?

Australia is a very large country and it is important you have local knowledge of the area you intend to stay. The family profiles provide detailed outlines of families and their location to ensure it matches your criteria.

What checks are done for families?

The Australian partner agency receives a police cleareance of each family. Families are also either met in person or via a phone interview to discuss all details about the program. Some families may have Au Pair expereince already. It is important that au pairs also meet the family via skype for an interview before confirming the placement.

Do I have support in Australia?

The Australian partner agency will support you throughout your entire stay. Individual service for each Au Pair and family. You will receive invitations to Au Pair events which are held and organised by the Australian parnter agency.

What level of English is required?

For full time au pairs, intermediate to advanced English is a requirement. Applicants who do not meet this criteria are able to apply for the demi pair or part time programs.

How do I meet other Au Pairs?

You will get access to a members page where you can get in touch with other Au Pairs. Besides the organised social events for Au Pairs are a good way to get in contact. It is important that all au pairs are able to socialize to avoid homesickness so we like to support this process.

What happens if I am unhappy with the family?

Communication is the key for concerns between the family and au pair. The Australian partner agency will provide assistance to any of the au pairs experiencing difficulties. Trying to resolve the issues first, and if this is not possible an alternative solution will be offered. The majority of the au pairs are very happy and the number with concerns is minimal!

What about other options after my au pair stay in Australia

After your placement you can use your travel discount and travel around Australia. You can consider a second au pair placement or apply for jobs. We're happy to assist you with your after placement plans! Au Pair Travel www.backpackerspirit.com info@backpackerspirit.com